What is the CSMR! CA Bear The California State Military Reserve is the official state defense force, and enables the Golden State to do more. It is a part of the California Military Department, along with the state’s National Guard and Air National Guard. Its mission is to augment the National Guard in a variety of support roles, and to specialize in homeland defense and emergency management missions. READ MORE ....


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FBI Counter Terrorism Briefing

On 07 MAR 2015, California State Military Reserve Judge Advocate General Detachment, held an unclassified Federal Bureau of Investigation briefing on counter terrorism events and recent prosecutorial developments. The event took place in the Veteran’s Affairs Building at JFTB Los Alamitos. Maj. (CA) Mark F. Nelson, a member of the JAG detachment, notified the Regional […]

Soldier Vaccine Advice

The Tdap Shot (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) for adults, pregnant women, teens and older children and Dtap (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) shot for infants and younger children. Because an epidemic of pertussis (otherwise known as whooping cough) was declared in CA by the CA Department of Public Health in June 2014, ask your health care […]

Students at Corinthian owned schools

Special Bulletin for current and former students at Corinthian owned schools On September 16,2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued Corinthian Colleges, Inc., owner of Everest, Heald, and WyoTech, for using illegal tactics to induce students into taking out private student loans called Genesis loans and EducationPlus loans. The CFPB’s lawsuit also alleges that […]

MEMS Academy Newsletter April 2015

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