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Officer Profile: Capt. Anthony Colannino

CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: Deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County.

LEGAL EDUCATION:  Juris doctorate degree from Loyola Law School in 1987.

JOINED CSMR: July 2007

DUTY:  Judge Advocate General.  Capt. Colannino performs

Capt. Anthony Colannino

many duties and tasks including providing briefings to the National Guard on rules for the use of force, rules of engagement, ethics and more. He also helps National Guardsmen with their wills and powers of attorney. He is also a designated military prosecutor for criminal violations of the Universal Code of Military Justice.

HOBBIES: Scuba diving, firearms, gunsmithing.

WHY DID HE JOIN THE CSMR: “I get to help the finest people on Earth.”


Profile and photo by Staff Sgt. Robert Davison