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Basic Orientation Course Class 12-01

It was another productive training rotation for the CSMR with the recent completion of the latest BOC that saw a record-setting 69 Soldier graduates.

The Basic Orientation Course, held Feb. 17-19 at the JFTB Los Alamitos Veteran Services Center, was presented by the Operations and Training and Support Element – South.

The strong turnout, which topped the 52 attendees at last summer’s BOC in the Southern Region, created an opportunity to develop a solid espirit de corps and sharing among the Soldiers. That opportunity was enhanced by the fact that most of the Soldiers took advantage of convenient overnight billeting at the JFTB.

“The course was very well received,” said BOC coordinator Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rolando Quiambao of the 1st Regional Training Company, a unit of the OTSE-S that continues to compile an exemplary record of training missions. “Everybody was ramped up. Everybody enjoyed it. That’s what it’s all about. We got a lot of smiles all around.”

Quiambao said this was likely the best and tightest student-run BOC in memory, with Soldiers working hard and leadership constantly emerging. He noted, for example, that by the course’s last day the students were easily handling counter-column formations during drill-and-ceremony activities.

The BOC is designed both for newcomers to the military and those with prior service.  The training cadre presents coursework that provides an overview of military doctrine, customs and courtesies, as well as sessions that cover various topics and special subjects specific to service in the CSMR.


The Distinguished Graduates of the BOC CLASS 12-01

Spc. Joseph South – Honor Graduate Non-Prior Service
Spc. Michael McInerney – Honor Graduate Prior Service
Pfc. Michael Hector  –  Leadership Award
Spc. Angel Smith – Commandants Award