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Capt. Chris Fowler

“Pro Deo Et Patria” = “For God & Country”

 Military Chaplaincy has existed in recognizable form for more than 1600 years!

The word “chaplain” dates back to the 8th Century and, in its Latin form, capellanus, described those clergy who carried into battle the relics of the saints, including the soldier’s cape (or cappa) of St. Martin.


From this proud tradition of meeting soldiers’ spiritual and emotional needs on (and off) the battlefield, the role of Military Chaplains, today, includes: (1) Nurturing the Living, (2) Caring for the Wounded, and (3) Honoring the Dead.


Our California State Military Reserve (CSMR) chaplains are called, by God, to meet your spiritual and emotional needs and those of your loved ones.  Feel free to reach out to your local chaplains in time of need.


Chaplin Chris Fowler can be reached at 949-677-3515; Chaplain Brenda Threatt can be reached at 626-409-7759; and Chaplain Roy Twaddell can be reached at 714-325-5835. We stand ready serve, support, and encourage you and your families as you deal with the challenges of life!