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CSMR and National Guard Soldiers conduct armored security vehicle training in San Diego

Since January 2012, Members of the 1st Battalion Military Police, 2nd Brigade Civil Support has been an essential component of the California Army National Guard’s HHC 79th BTSB Military Police Platoon.

California State Military Reserve Staff Sergeants Christian Buado, Edward Godfrey, Gerald Berry, and Sgt. Hector Flores provide training support in Defense to Civil Support Authority (DSCA) and Military Police Operations in preparation for the 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s annual training and combat certification at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center.

The CSMR contingent trains Soldiers of the MP Platoon in crowd control/riot formations, law and order operations, maneuver mobility security operations (MMSO), and other military police specific tasks.  Staff Sgt. Godfrey is also one of two Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) instructors in the SMR who assisted in training and certifying California Army National Guard Soldiers in the operation of the ASV.

The role of the CSMR Soldiers with the HHC 79th BSTB Military Police Platoon is two-fold.  As subject matter experts in law enforcement tasks, they serve as trainers as well as law enforcement advisors in the platoon; in addition, the CSMR Soldiers augment the platoon as a professionally trained military police Soldier ready to assist the platoon in its daily activities and duties as a military police unit.

Staff Sgt. Godfrey said, “Being attached to the 79th is an honor, it’s great working with these Soldiers.  Sharing my experiences and my training in law enforcement helps them grow as a military police officer.  At the same time, being with these National Guard Soldiers helps me in becoming a better NCO.”

Buado, Berry, Godfrey and Flores have been well-accepted into the platoon and have been integrated into the platoon’s ranks.  Each of them is assigned to a squad and fire team.  They fall in with the platoon during formations with the company and with the battalion.

“The Brigade [79th IBCT] has allowed me to augment four CSMR Soldiers into our platoon to assist in training and operations.  Buado, Godfrey, Berry and Flores are a great addition to our unit.  They bring so much experience and can offer a lot to our soldiers when it comes to law and order operations.  As they train our soldiers, they will also develop their leadership skills as an NCO in the platoon.” says California Army National Guard Sergeant 1st Class Lorenzo Dominguez, platoon sergeant of the HHC 79th BSTB Military Police Platoon.

While at the National Training Center, the CSMR Soldiers will participate as augmentees within the platoon.  They will serve in NCO roles and as subject matter experts embedded into the platoon.  The 79th IBCT along with the four CSMR Soldiers are scheduled to deploy on May 5, 2012 and return on May 27, 2012.

According to Staff Sgt. Buado, NCOIC of the CSMR contingent, this partnership with the 79th is truly what the California State Military Reserve is all about – a force-multiplier, providing a professionally trained deployable soldier to assist the California Army National Guard.  “This will be my third rotation at NTC and I’m quite excited to be back in the box.” says Buado.

Soldiers from military police platoon train in crowd control at JFTB in Los Alamitos.