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By Staff Sgt. (CA) Jim Tortolano

PAO section leaders Capt. Ronald Alexander and Lt. Col. James Adair. Adair is on a leave of absence.

How many times have you listened to people say “I never heard of the CSMR” or the state defense force concept?

It’s the job of public affairs sections to not only raise the public awareness of the California State Military Reserve, but also to confer recognition on CSMR Soldiers and communicate vital information up and down the chain of command.

The Public Affairs Office of the CSMR’s Regional Support Command-South takes up that task, and it is looking for more Soldiers to do that work.

Currently, the PAO hosts the website www.CSMRSoldier.com, which not only provides stories, photos and videos about CSMR accomplishments and individuals, but also provides information to regular California citizens and prospective recruits about what the Golden State’s official state defense force is and does.

Additionally, the PAO section is involved in supplying materials to supplement the CSMR’s recruiting efforts, providing articles and photographs to the Grizzly (the monthly magazine of the California National Guard) and taking photographs for archival and promotion purposes.

When called upon, the PAO also provides assistance to the CNG in a variety of public affairs tasks.

Who is a good match for service in this field?

Public affairs needs people who have skills and experience in writing (preferably in a journalistic form), publication design, web design, photography and video production and editing.

Reliability is a must, with deadlines to meet just as a professional journalist must. Strong spelling and grammar skills are a must for writers, and photographers and videographers must provide their own equipment.

If you’re interested in joining the PAO section and helping to mold public opinion about the CSMR, and build pride within it, e-mail Capt. Ronald Alexander at wakanda@roadrunner.com .

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