What is the CSMR! CA Bear The California State Military Reserve is the official state defense force, and enables the Golden State to do more. It is a part of the California Military Department, along with the state’s National Guard and Air National Guard. Its mission is to augment the National Guard in a variety of support roles, and to specialize in homeland defense and emergency management missions. READ MORE ....


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Age: 50

Lives in: Orange County

Personal: Born in South-Central Los Angeles, reared in East LA and the San Gabriel Valley. Hobbies and interests include history buff and furniture building.

Warrant Officer Candidate Joseph A. Steinmetz

Warrant Officer Candidate Joseph A. Steinmetz

Civilian Occupation: Risk manager and planning consultant for corporations and small businesses. Serves as both a civilian contractor and Disaster Assistance Employee for federal, state and local disaster and emergency response agencies. Licensed tradesman as a master plumber, master electrician and master welder.

Joined the CSMR: August 2012

CSMR Duty: Communications Officer for the Regional Support South’s S-3 (plans and operations) section.

Why did you join the CSMR?

I’ve been thinking about it for years and have referred potential recruits to the CSMR for years. I have had interactions with many CSMR troops. I became good friends with the Quiambao brothers, Col. Frank Naumann, Mike Dileo and many others. With the economy slow down (halt), I had time on my hands. The timing was right to join, so I did.

What do you like most about the CSMR?

I like working with motivated and dedicated people. People who appreciate and want to preserve the United States of America — the traditions of America. The CSMR Soldiers are these types of people. They are not trying to change it, rather, they are simply trying to live it (pursuit of happiness) and then protect it. In my opinion they have the same vision and dedication to America and its founding principles as our founding fathers.

Portrait Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. (CA) John Thompson



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