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I want to wish the Soldiers of the Regional Support Command South (RSS) happy holidays and an even better New Year. Even more so, I want to thank each RSS Soldier — from senior leaders to our newest recruits — for your superb efforts and results during this past year. Your accomplishments this year are too many to note in a short email. But the highlights and the stage they set for the future are worth recounting.

Col. Donald Thornley

Col. Donald Thornley Commander CA State Military Reserves Regional Support Command South (RSS)


As some of you know, the RSS embarked on a three-year plan to meet The Adjutant General’s (TAG) and Commanding General, CSMR goals for more intense support to the California National Guard (CNG). The three annual phases are: (1) 2013 – internal alignment; (2) 2014 – external alignment; and (3) 2015 – external integration.


“Internal alignment” is designed to put in place RSS-internal tactics, techniques, procedures (TTP) and policies to ensure we are professionally ready at all times to fulfill the TAG’s call to duty. Thanks to tremendous command and staff efforts, this year RSS produced these key internal documents: Training Tactical Standard Operating Procedures (TSOP); Operations TSOP; RSS S3 Emergency Response/Operations SOP; and a comprehensive Personnel and Administration SOP. Any Solider possessing these documents has everything s/he needs to understand all major points of how we do business.  

The Administration SOP background is worth amplifying, as it grows from CG CSMR authorization to devolve many administrative processes from HQCSMR to major subordinate commands. This document will be shared with other MSCs, and our hard working S-1 Section will use it to administrate several CSMR commands and activities in the Region.

In 2013 RSS staff also established and administered the four key classes we will require annually to accomplish higher headquarters’ training  requirements, and further our goal of internally aligning to CNG missions: (1) Soldier Values; (2) Disaster Life Saving; (3) Introduction to the Standard Emergency Management System and Liaison Duties; and (4) Security Practices.

Additionally, First Brigade (National Guard/Civil Support) produced both an eight-hour Liaison Team class keying on serving within County Emergency Operations Centers, and a proposed draft Liaison Team training and management document for state-wide use. Similarly, Second Brigade (State Military Police) produced a proposed draft SMP MOS Manual for State-level use, as well as an SMP SOP to implement the new MOS standards.

All this was done even while RSS Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) and staff pursued ever-better support to 40th ID and other CNG MSC. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how proud I am of your efforts. And now to the future.


The coming CY RSS focus will be external alignment, primarily to the 40th ID missions. Since 40th ID is pulling in the other CNG MSC we directly support, this makes our focus easier.

Practically, the initiatives RSS will work with HQCSMR and 40th ID will be to ensure we have the communications connectivity, and personal equipment we need for effectively responding to 40th ID mission requirements. We will further work with 40th ID to identify manning gaps we can fill, record our role in filling them to a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), and then intensely train to those billets.


Step three is external integration, whereby we are as much as practical, one with the 40th ID. We will further integrate into routine operations and work with 40th ID to be written into Operations Plans where it makes sense. All of this is with a background of similar efforts across the CSMR. The upshot will be a level of support and engagement between the California National Guard and California State Guard arguably never seen before.

In sum, Soldiers, you have performed fantastically, making real and lasting contributions to your fellow citizens’ welfare.  We all want to share our satisfaction in accomplishment and excitement for the future with each other, but also with others willing to serve — for all of the future goals require us each to be a recruiter!

Job well done, Soldiers.


D. J. Thornley

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