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When you think of the Los Angeles Dodgers you don’t exactly think of the military. But on 14 June 2014, the 3d BN A CO, California State Military Reserve, were standing at home plate. The detail was invited to present the Colors at the start of the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

1st Sgt. (CA) G. K. Lee leads the 3rd BN Color Guard. The names of the other members of the detail, all reservist in the CSMR: 1st Sgt. Adams, Spec. Flannagan and Spec. D. Ortega.

Standing firmly at attention, the detail honored the National Flag on Flag Day. At the same time, the detail proudly carried the Army Flag, celebrating the Army’s 239 birthday.

While at the stadium, the Soldiers were able to meet some of the Dodgers’ greatest fans. Pictured with the Soldiers are Lou Gossett Jr. and Florence Henderson. Ms. Henderson sang the National Anthem.

Attending the ceremony proved that, every now and then, there is a glimmer of sunshine while doing Color Guard – like the Dodger game. Not only did they get the honor to stand at home plate, among all the fans and players, but they were invited to attend the game and watch LA’s home team win the game, outlasting the Diamondbacks 6 to 4.

Many people serve, but our Color Guard serves with a purpose, always going above and beyond the call of duty to attend various events and functions. These Soldiers coordinate both their drill requirements and their personal life’s responsibilities. 3d BN A CO’s CG detail expects the unexpected and manages tasks to survive and thrive!

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All photos by Sgt. (CA) Jonetta Green

By Sgt. (CA) Jonetta Green S-1 NCO 3d BN A CO

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