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Calendar Watch


Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

Each December 31st we look at what happened during the year and assess our:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Accomplishments etc.
  • Dave Coverly Speed Bump 2004-12-31

    We determine that with the New Year we are going to do more, be better; start all over again with new goals, a new attitude, maybe even a NEW LIFE.

    The truth is we go into the year with all the residuals of all the old years we have under our belts. We have all our old learning; all our old habits; what is left of our physical health and stamina; and probably all our old earning ability. We go into the New Year, wanting a new life with our OLD stuff. And it happens every year and almost every year we end up with the same results.

    We are about to get new uniforms, but we will all be the same old people in the new uniforms…nothing will have changed about us except the “look” of the uniform. Probably the military knows that those army values at the top of this page are things that are not embedded into the uniform, but are embedded into the soldier and thankfully a new uniform does not change the old soldier.

    Maybe a New Year works like a new uniform. A new year may give you a new look, but the thing of value – “YOU” – does not change. You are made exactly as the Creator designed you to be. Yes, of course, you can lose some weight; you can make some more money so you can get a new car, or a new house or whatever new thing you seek.

    Rather than focusing on making a new you, focus on the value of all that you have learned; all that you have experienced, all those wrinkles that express endurance; the thinning and gray hair that indicate survival; the creases around the mouth that are signs of a years of laughter; the eyes that have the depth of wisdom and ears that have heard just about everything.

    You are deep, older, wiser, stronger in spirit and emotion. You have lived a lot of years, laughed a lot of years and loved a lot of years.

    Thank God for it all!. Value the savored, vintage, mellow ingredients of you. Thank God for the NEW MERCIES each morning when you rise. That is really how to do a new thing in this New Year!

    CH (CA) Brenda Threatt

    Acting” RSCS Chaplain

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