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“Talk about the history of who we are. We are the militia. An eleventh century Anglo-Saxon word meaning that the people who live on the land are obligated to defend the land. The militia grows here because when the first colonist came they didn’t regard it. They didn’t have a place for it. They got off the boat and [battled].

They said. “How do we defend ourselves?” … They formed a militia. Every state had a militia under the control of the governor. We fought every war up until the Spanish-American War, with the militia. Teddy Roosevelt (The 26th President of the United States: 14.09.01 – 04.03.09) was a militia man. Had a lot of volunteers in the Rough Riders. That’s where he started.

Holding a glass of spirits, Brig. Gen. (CA) Jack Hagan scans his past command. Pb Maj. (CA) R. Alexander

Now, I do have to point out one question in history that the Civil War did not start with the taking of Fort Sumter. It actually started with the first shots being fired on the Union steam ship Star of the West, trying to resupply Fort Sumter. (In Charleston Harbor: 09.01.1860)

So we can thank the militia, the border incident with Pancho Villa, was the militia’s concern to make a response. They showed up … lots of legal battles on who controlled the militia.

World War I, they federalized them all. One of reasons why they federalized them is because the Federal Government and the Army realized that we were going to have to someday fight overseas, and we had no reserve. The Constitution says that the United States will be defended by a small regular Army and a well-regulated militia.

The Governors all complained, “Who is going to take care of our state while we are gone?” There were violent days. Labor riots, race riots, floods, natural disasters. The average National Guard in 1916 was called out thirteen times for duty. [They had] to create a state defense force or a state police force. That’s how we became the genesis of who we are.
They found the state police force. That’s why you see the state troopers wearing an army uniform just with different colors – blue striped pants, the jump boots, brown belts and hats.

That’s who we are and how we came to be.”

Story recorded and transcribed by Maj. (CA) R. Alexander

For more information on Brig. Gen (CA) Jack Hagan’s background, check this URL > http://www.patriotwatch.com/911hagan.htm

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