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Sgt. Maj. (CA) Dennis Barberic. Pb. Sgt.1st Class. (CA) Robert Davison

1st Sgt. (CA) Dennis Barberic was promoted to Sgt. Maj. (CA) and Staff Sgt. (CA) Richard Marazisky was promoted to Sgt. 1st Class (CA).  Both Soldiers are part of 1st Btn, 2nd Bde, headquartered at Los Alamitos, CA.  

Sgt. 1st Class (CA) Richard Marazisky. Pb. Sgt.1st Class. (CA) Robert Davison

Sgt. Maj. (CA) Barberic  is a prior service combat experienced soldier from a Cavalry unit. In celebrating his promotion, he wore a Stetson hat and spurs, befitting a Cavalry Soldier, a uniform of his former unit.  The promotions and awarding of rank occurred at morning formation in front of the entire battalion, standing in front of 1st Btn’s new home, Building 64, JFTB Los Alamitos.

Training for the day responded to the unit’s METL. In executing military police procedures, Soldiers conducted VIP escort duty and active shooter drills.

Sgt. 1st Class (CA) Robert Davison
PAO embed with 1st Bde. RSC(S)

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