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From 23 July to 2 August, Special Olympics athletes, from all over the world, convened in the Los Angeles region to participate in a myriad of sports, at many different venues.

This extraordinary 10 day plus event was filled with excitement, color, camaraderie, competitiveness, joy and hope. For us, CSM soldiers, it was an exercise in months of planning by our leaders and an extraordinary effort of coordination and cooperation by all.

Those of us working and witnessing the events saw the Loyalty of both CSMR and Guard Soldiers working side by side to represent the best of the California Guard and our Commander.

We all responsibly performed out duties promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Learning just what to be ...

We exhibited respect and courtesy to our civilian counterparts and to one another. Soldiers surely exhibited Selfless Service when engaged and assisting visitors from all over the world, many challenged with intellectual disabilities. The soldiers extended their hands to these athletes to back them up, to greet them, and to acknowledge their extraordinary accomplishments as Olympic athletes. Soldiers gave these athletes honor and dignity, gifts of love that neither will ever forget.

This was a mission where Soldiers, giving up their personal time, material comforts and popular convenience, followed orders. Men and women stayed the course in order to execute the mission.

We wore our uniforms, boots, soft cover, honorably. We were a working army and everyone wearing ACU’s represented the honor of the uniform. People saw it and spoke of how proud they are of America and of those in uniform, of those who take the oath to defend the nation.

We exhibited the utmost integrity, working diligently, arriving promptly, working until the assignment was completed, exhibiting our best behaviour, even after hours of routinized tasks. We were mature, respectful and only called affirming attentions to ourselves and to our Units.

Personal courage puts the safety of others before self and we did that. We were all prepared to do whatever it would take to protect the lives and well- being of the athletes, the civilian population and our comrades. 

This 2015 Special Olympics was an extraordinary and an exciting venture for the athletes; but, for the SMR, and for those who lead us, it is what we do -Leadership- executing Army Values.

CH BJ Threat
Capt. (CA) CSMR RSC(S)



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