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Special Olympics Word Games supports the opportunity to share the dreams and hopes of thousands of young athletes who have traveled meaningful distances to compete against one another and at the same moment build a bridge to the general public. Their performances will bring attention to their training, motivation and discipline from thousands of fans on site and millions of others using electronic viewers.

POTUSBefore the 2014 SOWG began in Brussels, Belgium, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy expressed,, the “… talents and capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities, helping to change attitudes and break down barriers that can exclude them from the mainstream of the community”.

Los Angeles has not had such a gigantic sports attraction of this situation since the 1984 Olympics. The 2015 Special Olympics World Games marks a return after 16 years absence from the United States.

In order to assist the SOWG in reaching its mission, CA State Military Reserve, Regional Support Command-South (CSMR RSC-S) conduct Civil Support Operations to Civilian Authorities (CSOPCA). Preparation for this mission started in 2014 under the leadership of Col (CA) Russell Nakaishi in the S-3 section.

Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier with Special Olympic World Games banner

Once provisioning the plan in the RSC-S, the mission intent generated the flexibility required to assign personnel, communication and operations resources. With training objectives and tasking directed to the operational environment, Soldiers readied themselves for an extended duty, extending from 15 July to 9 August 2015.

“SMR personnel will perform Resource Distribution of Department of Defense (DoD) radios and Golf Carts to SOWG 2015 staff and volunteers. Additional personnel will monitor and coordinate the Resource Distribution mission with the Joint Task Force Commander and Operations Center.”

As explained, Soldiers operated in a nonemergency, Civil Support environment, contributing to the synchronization of multiple command post, sections and any other necessary external agencies or organizations. Civil Support Resource Distribution operations support the intent of the commander and survive the mission. Conducting property accountability, a variable of movement control, records a specified origin to a specified destination, as the routing of golf carts and the allocation of military radios. This gives effective and efficient support to RSC-S clients.

The list below shows the venues that located the activities and required California Military Department personnel, both CA Army National Guard (CAANG) and RSC-S. Roughly 6,500 athletes arrived from 165 countries to participate in the SOWG.

FLOTUSUSC primary hub GHQ
UCLA Primary hub
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Balboa Park Sports Complex
Long Beach-Alamitos Beach
Long Beach-Aquarium Way
Long Beach-Marine Stadium
Long Beach-Belmont Pier
Griffith Park Wilson Harding Golf Course
Griffith Park Equestrian Center

Throughout the games, Soldiers collected with SOWG athletes, talking, listening and promoting a social understanding of their needs regarding inclusion. Concerns that challenge the opportunities that young people, with and without intellectual disabilities, face today. Soldiers fostered the inclusive society mission by supporting the SOWG mission.

by Maj. (CA) R. Alexander

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