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Common doctrine and procedures combine forces

In the field, Soldiers followed the Commander’s Intent: “SMR personnel will perform Resource Distribution of Department of Defense (DoD) radios and Golf Carts to SOWG 2015 staff and volunteers. Additional personnel will monitor and coordinate the Resource Distribution mission with the Joint Task Force Commander and Operations Center.”

Soldiers in the SOWG venues: Belmont Pier and Alamitos Beach

Chaplain Capt. (CA) Brenda Threatt RSC(S) operates a fork lift to move heavy equipment near the Long Beach-Belmont Pier during the Special Olympics World Games. Pb Sgt. (CA) Sgt. (CA) Jonneta Green RSC(S), released.

Maj. (CA) George Tunney, a Green Beret, spoke to this element of the operation order (OPORD). “It’s going to be great! We have the sailing venue. Right now we are setting up for the activities that start on Sunday (26JUL15). We’re just going to be ready to rock and roll! We are working with our Special Olympics counterparts. We’re not holding purely to our mission of logistics. You need help, we’ll help you.”

As explained, Soldiers operated in a nonemergency, Civil Support environment, contributing to the synchronization of multiple command posts, sections and any other necessary external agencies or organizations. Civil Support Resource Distribution operations supported the intent of the commander and survived the mission.

CSMR and CAANG Soldiers take a minute on a golf cart, located parallel to their security enclosure site at the Long Beach-Belmont Pier, during the Special Olympics World Games. (L-R) Maj. (CA) George Tunney, 2nd Lt. Nancy Wolcott (NG), Sgt. (CA) Thomas Unson, Chaplain Capt. (CA) Brenda Threatt and Sgt. (CA) Jonneta Green. Pb Maj. (CA) R. Alexander RSC(S), released.

Conducting property accountability, a variable of movement control, materials record from a specified origin to a specified destination, as the routing of golf carts and the allocation of military radios. This gave effective and efficient support to CMD clients.

On 24JUL15, Sgt. (CA) Jonneta Green, 3d Bn 1Bde RSC(S), deployed to control radio communications, voiced her role, while on post in the logistic security enclosure site. “I’m in charge of signing these out and the golf carts, for the different vendors and athletes.”

Radios are kept secure using standardized command, control, and display systems. Pb Maj. (CA) R. Alexander, released.

Persons who need to use a radio, whether at the Pier, the Marine Stadium or Alamitos Beach, had to present the required identification. Green added that her responsibility meant allocating carts “to people who are going to do the sailing … at Belmont Pier.”

On the subject of Civil Support, Sgt. (CA) Thomas Unson, 3d Bn 1Bde RSC(S), received a request from a member of the SOWG staff. “Some objects on the end of the pier need to be moved so that the City of Long Beach can conduct pressure washing.” Having two enlisted Soldiers on the pier helped in completing the task.

The assignment to conduct pressure washing, although insignificant to someone not familiar with shoreline navigational aids, means pulling buoys, chains, shackles and weights from shallow water and pressure washing them to remove barnacles, due to their increased growth in the summer climate.

At the Long Beach Marine Advisory Commission meeting in June, the Marine Maintenance Department had scheduled the task. Unson’s explanation illustrated how CSMR Soldiers operated in a Civil Support environment, even without advanced notification.

Soldiers in the SOWG venue: Marine Stadium

Sailboat racing off the Belmont Pier during the Special Olympics World Games. Pb Chaplain Capt. (CA) Brenda Threatt RSC(S), released.

Staff Sgt. Dalton Patterson, CANG 2668th Transportation Company, continued to lead in preparing the Marina venue for kayaking. At this venue, only CANG Soldiers organized the area for the athletes and public. “I think it’s the only venue like that.”, said Patterson.

The environment had excellent views and seascapes, which prompted Patterson to say, “This is one of the best missions I have ever been on in the California National Guard. It’s amazing!” Patterson’s team assisted in running the electric power for the tents, set-up along the shoreline.

Throughout the games, Soldiers collected with SOWG athletes, talking, listening and promoting a social understanding of their needs regarding inclusion. Concerns that challenge the opportunities that young people, with and without intellectual disabilities, face today.

CMD Soldiers fostered the inclusive society mission by enthusiastically supporting the SOWG mission.

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