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On a calm, blue sky day in mid-summer, the Pacific Ocean washed gently against a stretch of bright sand, meandering for several miles, surrounding the shoreline of Long Beach, California. Soon enough, thousands of residents, visitors and tourists from foreign nations, would flow unto the sidewalks, streets and beaches, gathering in three separate venues, to witness the Special Olympics Word Games (SOWG).


Soldiers in the Tactical Operation Center
Los Angeles has not had such a gigantic sports attraction since the 1984 Olympics. The 2015 SOWG marked a return, after a 16 year absence, to the United States. Roughly 6,500 athletes arrived from 165 countries to participate in the summer games.

In order to have the event operate smoothly, with visible control features and logistical support, the California Military Department ordered units from both the CA Army National Guard and the CA State Military Reserve to support the international competition.

Planning took place in the ASC as 1st Lt. (CA) Miguel Arciniega woks alongside Sgt. Catalino Herrera 1040th QM CO CAANG. Pb Maj. (CA) R. Alexander, released.

As a result, to assist the SOWG in accomplishing its mission, CA State Military Reserve, Regional Support Command-South (CSMR RSC-S) conducted Civil Support Operations to Civilian Authorities (CSOPCA), operating from a Tactical Operating Center (TOC) inside the Long Beach Armory. The mission would extend from 15 July to 09 August 2015.

Preparation for this mission started in 2014, in the S-3 section, under the leadership of Col (CA) Russell Nakaishi. Relying upon the RSC(S) Administrative Support Center (ASC), the ASC collocated with the CA ARNG 224th Sustainment Brigade. Soldiers assigned to duty, with the ASC, managed shift schedules, alternated and replaced shift personnel, distributed orders, conducted flash training, maintained pay records and completed other administrative tasks.

Once the plan provisioned in the RSC(S), the mission intent generated the flexibility required to assign personnel, communications and operations resources. With training objectives and tasking directed onto the operational environment, Soldiers readied themselves for the extended duty.

Accounting communicates by having analytics-focused management, as Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CA) Mark Criswell and Sgt. Angelique Hernandez 217 FMD CA ARNG complete processing of Soldiers reports. Pb Maj. (CA) R. Alexander, released.

1st Lt. (CA) Miguel Arciniega, HHC J-3 S-1 Liaison Officer (LNO), held a three day shift from 18:00 to 06:00 said, “We have new Soldiers coming in, they are in-processed here, they are briefed on the operation, and they are transported to the different venues.”

Along side Arciniega, Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CA) Mark Criswell HQ C-8/J-8, with 15 years in the CSMR, spoke to the topic of financials. “The J-8 provides support to the mission for pay and accountability of personnel. We process reports from the field on a daily basis to determine who’s here and turn them into the CaSEADS system in order to process their pay.”

The in-brief also falls under the responsibility of the J-8, through its management of support activities. The overall in-brief included information that Special Olympics officials gave regarding expected conduct at venues. “We also provide information on the command intent from National Guard”, said Criswell.

Maj. (CA) R. Alexander


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