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The following article by William Goldsmith M.D. proved his last printable medical precise. He contributed many articles to the Public Affairs office, thirty for the online medium of the California State Military Reserve Regional Support Command (South). He will still project the many versions of evidence based medicine. Psoriasis is one of many curses which afflict mankind. […]

Blood and Liver

Blood has been a subject of religious worship, superstition, magic, fear and pride since man evolved. Blood sacrifice was an Aztec rutual in which the conscious victim’s heart was cut out. Blood’s function was unknown until its oxygen-carrying capacity was discovered in the nineteenth century. Before, weakness and death were seen with prolonged blood loss. […]


These doctors, how they like to scare you with big words. Don’t panic if told you have Onychocryptosis. No one dies from it, but it may affect walking and marching. If you don’t wear shoes, you’ll never get an ingrown toenail. Fungus, yes, hookworm, possibly, tetanus from a rusty infected nail, calluses, yes, but no […]

Burns & treatment guidelines

Minor, or first degree burns, may be caused by intense heat, fire, friction, radiation, chemicals or any process which heats the skin to the point of damage. While a first degree burn, such as mild sunburn, requires little treatmant, a burn which destroys the top layer or layers of skin may be serious. If the […]


Is the pain in your ankle a strain, a sprain or a fracture? All three involve streching and tearing of normal tissue, but are not the same. A sprain is the stretch or tear of a ligament, the fibrous tissue connecting bones and joints. The usual cause is a fall or stumble forcing the limb […]

Digestion – 1 out of 11 systems...

Digestion, How to Understand and Cope Digestion is the body’s process to utilize food. It begins in the mouth, where rinding teeth produce small pieces. The three salivary glands secrete ptyilin, an enzyme which converts starch to sugars. Hold a bite of cracker in your mouth. As it dissolves, you’ll taste sugar as the ptyilin […]

Our Marvelous Knees

Anatomy of the knee You probably have some knowledge of the anatomy of the heart, lungs, digestive system. But the knee? It is the largest joint in the skeleton. It is formed by the femur, the largest bone, and articulates with the tibia. It is a remarkable feat of evolutionary construction. Motion of the knee […]

The Diaphragm

Diaphragm (Note to reader: This article is not about contraception.) The diaphragm is a thin sheet of muscle stretched under the lungs, adhering to their bottom surfaces and the eleventh and twelfth ribs The diaphragm expands (inhale) and contracts (exhale) with impulses from several nerves, mainly the phrenic. The diaphragm continues pumping during sleep or […]