What is the CSMR! CA Bear The California State Military Reserve is the official state defense force, and enables the Golden State to do more. It is a part of the California Military Department, along with the state’s National Guard and Air National Guard. Its mission is to augment the National Guard in a variety of support roles, and to specialize in homeland defense and emergency management missions. READ MORE ....


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3d BN A CO Color Guard at Dodger Stad...

When you think of the Los Angeles Dodgers you don’t exactly think of the military. But on 14 June 2014, the 3d BN A CO, California State Military Reserve, were standing at home plate. The detail was invited to present the Colors at the start of the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. 1st Sgt. (CA) […]

Home Town Hero

By choice, many of us serve voluntarily in the CSMR. In doing so, we accomplish many things. All too often, what isn’t known, or verbally expressed, is how we serve our communities outside from the military; and, what we do to give back to those that support us the most. There are some that serve […]

3d Bn 1st BDE Color Guard at WWII Mon...

“Go For Broke”  celebrate  Japanese  American  WWII  Veterans On the first weekend of June, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, celebrate its acclaimed history. This year, six Soldiers from 3d Bn 1st BDE CSMR displayed the colors while serving as an honorary Color Guard. The team’s motto, “Go For Broke”, heads the title of a Foundation […]