What is the CSMR!

CA Bear The California State Military Reserve is the official state defense force, and enables the Golden State to do more. It is a part of the California Military Department, along with the state’s National Guard and Air National Guard. Its mission is to augment the National Guard in a variety of support roles, and to specialize in homeland defense and emergency management missions. READ MORE ....


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Searching for Sarah Cheiker

The behind the scenes of a breaking front page national/ international story of a missing elderly woman whose case was broken by a Regional Area Support Command, South reserve officer. I was in Boston in October of this year when the LOS ANGELES TIMES story broke on the front page of its CALIFORNIA section : “Missing L.A. Woman Found Abandon [...]

Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Chaplain’s Corner … Deuteronomy 15:10-11 – “You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging when you give to him, because for this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake. For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your [...]

Burns & treatment guidelines

Minor, or first degree burns, may be caused by intense heat, fire, friction, radiation, chemicals or any process which heats the skin to the point of damage. While a first degree burn, such as mild sunburn, requires little treatmant, a burn which destroys the top layer or layers of skin may be serious. Signs, symptoms and prognosis If the bur [...]

Active Shooter Events, use the OODA L...

The United States Army has an on going campaign that focuses on preparing the Total Army in two important domains: readiness and resilience. Readiness means “the ability to accomplish assigned tasks or missions through resilience, individual and collective team training, and leadership.” Resilient means having “the mental, physical, emotional [...]


Is the pain in your ankle a strain, a sprain or a fracture? All three involve streching and tearing of normal tissue, but are not the same. A sprain is the stretch or tear of a ligament, the fibrous tissue connecting bones and joints. The usual cause is a fall or stumble forcing the limb out of its usual position, such as twisting the ankle s [...]

CSMR Commander joins Soldiers in memo...

California State Military Reserve Regional Support Command – South Story by Staff Sgt. (CA) Veronica Fraga Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, CA – 6 SEP 2014 The Saturday morning buzz of activity was typical for a CSMR Unit Training Assembly (UTA), but the heightened sense of anticipation was something new. Soldiers across the f [...]

Award recipients pinned, handshakes g...

California State Military Reserve Regional Support Command-South Award recipients included: Lt. Col. Charles Hardman, COS/S3 for 1st Bde., who received the California Commendation Medal (CACM); Sergeant 1st Class Ronald Labardee, S-1 NCOIC 1st Bde., who received the California Good Conduct Medal / Ribbon (CAGCM); Command Sgt. Maj. Richard Mor [...]

Digestion – 1 out of 11 systems...

Digestion, How to Understand and Cope Digestion is the body’s process to utilize food. It begins in the mouth, where rinding teeth produce small pieces. The three salivary glands secrete ptyilin, an enzyme which converts starch to sugars. Hold a bite of cracker in your mouth. As it dissolves, you’ll taste sugar as the ptyilin works. Mayo Foun [...]

Los Angeles Procession includes CSMR

In step, Color Guard and Marching unit go the distance On 13 SEP 2014, the CSMR provided support to the City Of Los Angeles’ Birthday Celebration. A Color Guard and marching element gave direct, physical support for the City of Los Angeles’ Birthday Celebration during a parade that moved along N. Main St to 555 W. Temple St. in t [...]