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Professional Poker Chips

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Professional Poker Chips

Professional Poker Chips

Function of Poker Chips

Professional poker chips are used to represent a value in a game of Poker effective or tournament. This could be a cash value as a blue chip is the same $5.00 or a value of count of chip, as for example the purchase of $1,500 chips in a tournament. It shall each home with a number amount of chips from poker tournaments, but in a game of money have many chips players depend on how much money play with.

Features of Professional Poker Chips

Professional poker chips are also known as token of tone. She used to with sound, but now they are more sustainable with a mixture or material made of flows. Poker chip of professional tone a Casino will about five years. If they are for personal use, it can take much longer because they play with so much. Typical bullets weigh approximately 9 grams.


There are many things that give a professional adds security and style. The first thing you are looking for in a chip is the color. The most common colors are white and blue used, represent a dollar. Red chips are used that they are $5, and high quality chips such as such as $500, purple are represented by the. Also poker chips professionals colors feature in the edges, to keep an elegant appearance. On the surface flat of the chip is a mold design tends to be a diamond, heart, spade or Club, edge. The Centre has footprint on a deposit is directly on the role of chip can be a custom legend or images fused.


Token of professional poker to your look more legitimate poker game and add a sense of security, the poker room. Equipped with five different options printed sheets can make almost impossible to duplicate and people cannot devote time and effort to do, which is why each way. Professional poker chips are also much easier to perform some tricks. These chips of boards are mixing the his Palm and his balance on the table. Overweight and the thickness is much easier to do things.

Size of Chip

Professional poker chips is approximately as large as two stacked $ medium. If he orders Poker professional witness, should play what they want size set the size of your order depending on. Three hundred chips can focus on a group of four to six people. Five hundred chips are a series of seven or eight players and more than 1,000 chips will help to cover a poker tournament big can keep.